Friday, August 22, 2008

Dark side of Reality

We are a million different people from one day to the next. We desire a zillion different things every day. I was reading this book today. It said – It is OK to want; It is OK to desire because God never says NO – never denies.

But what I perceived, since forever, is that the more you want the farther the desired will move away from you. God will never let you have anything which is not for your betterment – or which is not “meant for you”. So is it really true that when your heart seriously desires something with all its might, against all odds, the entire universe conspires in helping to achieve it? Are your feelings really answered? I don’t think so. Life cannot be that easy. There are lots of laws and constraints ruling our lives. Some of them external but most of them has only one creator, you. But despite your passion, desire and want, you still cannot achieve what you wanted – not always.

This holds true from very little things to life changing assessments. Like wanting the shower to halt when you do not have an umbrella or hoping you will someday land up in your dream job or falling in love with someone who is just so impossible...