Sunday, December 21, 2008

Socha nahi, toh socho abhi..

To think is to create. Thinking is the most rudimentary form of prayer. It is the most comprehensive solution provider. Every thought that comes to you tends to manifest according to its nature. Everything in your life begins with thinking - an idea. The notion of something coming into existence without a thought preceding it is as preposterous as a flower coming into existence without a seed to start it.

And so I say, to change your life, begin by changing your thoughts. Thoughts of love, light and joy beget more of the same and thoughts of fear, insecurity and smallness attract the same. The world is not a happy place with negative thoughts deep inside. If you want to attempt external changes, begin with an inner transformation. You weren't born to live small; you weren't born to compromise and you don't have to. Its about thinking what you do want - instead of what you do not want. The moment our attitude shifts, so does the situation...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Sunflower that shined :)

Early morning 6:00 am: too cosy a bed to wake up from the deep slumber...
7:30 am: God, this must be a long road.. After all it connects two states!
8:07 am: whats the point in "checking in" anyways? ;)
8:45 am: I wonder if these guys are actually talking to clients!
9:15 am: Where is this guy(project partner)? I need a chai company :(
Chai Time 10.30 am: Ummm..May be he is right, I hardly see a stricking girl around..
10.50 am: Okay, I just mailed the honeywell friend and the friend in hyderabad.. Now what?
11.15 am: Internal communicator rocks! I mean, lunch ka plan kaise hoga phir?
Lunch 12.30 pm: Grrr.... This fellow is consistently 15 minutes late.. Kya hoga iska??!
At the Queue 12.45 pm: Chicken? Naah, I am dieting! Health Menu? No taste! North Indian Thali? Too much! Okay, Paratha and Dahi :)
1.00 pm: 9XM, Aunties and Ducks.... Uff... Aur kuch?
2.00 pm: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Chai Time 4.00 pm: Is there a 24/7 pantry also?
5.45 pm: Bus pakadna hai.. woh bhi akele! Grrr...
7.30 pm: Home Sweet Home :) hmm.. dinner mein kya hoga.. Hunger engulfing me! :P
9.00 pm: Mumbai mein aisa gym kholungi (or may be here only.. along with Aps! :P)... with TV, music and trainers! you know - trainers ;)
Dinner 10.00 pm: Gosh I will miss this food :) Yumm! Thanks Aunty...
Bed time 11.00 pm: Just sent a Gnite msg to my friend.. hmmm... Nice, chill life - aint it.. :) Will miss it though when I get back.. I really dunno what the future holds but these memories will keep me near, in silent whispers and in silent moments... Its worth it all... :) anyway chalo so jaate hai, have to wake up at 6.00 am tomorrow! Gnite! :)