Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Made over-heard!

After a mentally and physically tiring day, I log on to the internet to take my mind off but only to stumble upon these –

• mah heart is going craazzzyyy
• luv izzz in da air
• forward this to (I don’t remember – may be some one billion people) and see your wish come true!!!
• tym goes by nd nly thng tht doesn chng is frndshp nd luv!!!
• today is world’s ‘so and so’ day and hence put up your status message as ‘so and so’… (Who really cares and how is a status message of any help?? Like seriously!)

I am surprised at the fact that there are people who can even think of coming up with something like this – and no – I am not talking about teenagers! For one – I hate the so-called petite sms forms of the language (read ‘b4’,’f9’,’w8’…) and second – I hate the display of any kind of human emotion that suffers from the disease called ‘express it to the whole world through any media available syndrome’!

It’s just a point of view. Why? Why would you flash it like the journalists do on the newspaper? It is one thing to share something you liked or a favorite lyric or a quote from a favorite writer to your circle but it is completely another thing to flood the media with over-romantic messages, sob stories and sloppy speech marks!

Maybe I am just being a cynic, maybe a little obsessive about the misuse of the language; but I am sure there are a few more out there, who are annoyed by this display of delirium.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It was late

She saw the moons come and go
Each dawn and dusk passed by her ego
Every fleeting minute did get harder
And every day and night did she find longer

Yet she didn’t wait to say
She didn’t heed to certain
That it’s his absence she couldn’t defray
That it’s his company she pined