Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Made over-heard!

After a mentally and physically tiring day, I log on to the internet to take my mind off but only to stumble upon these –

• mah heart is going craazzzyyy
• luv izzz in da air
• forward this to (I don’t remember – may be some one billion people) and see your wish come true!!!
• tym goes by nd nly thng tht doesn chng is frndshp nd luv!!!
• today is world’s ‘so and so’ day and hence put up your status message as ‘so and so’… (Who really cares and how is a status message of any help?? Like seriously!)

I am surprised at the fact that there are people who can even think of coming up with something like this – and no – I am not talking about teenagers! For one – I hate the so-called petite sms forms of the language (read ‘b4’,’f9’,’w8’…) and second – I hate the display of any kind of human emotion that suffers from the disease called ‘express it to the whole world through any media available syndrome’!

It’s just a point of view. Why? Why would you flash it like the journalists do on the newspaper? It is one thing to share something you liked or a favorite lyric or a quote from a favorite writer to your circle but it is completely another thing to flood the media with over-romantic messages, sob stories and sloppy speech marks!

Maybe I am just being a cynic, maybe a little obsessive about the misuse of the language; but I am sure there are a few more out there, who are annoyed by this display of delirium.


Sandeep D. said...

hmmm... and what makes/who made u think this hard? Hope the answer sin't controversial one. :P :P

But yeah! I agree to whatever u said here. ;-)

Aparna said...

Ditto.. Ditto.. Ditto.. :)