Friday, December 5, 2008

Sunflower that shined :)

Early morning 6:00 am: too cosy a bed to wake up from the deep slumber...
7:30 am: God, this must be a long road.. After all it connects two states!
8:07 am: whats the point in "checking in" anyways? ;)
8:45 am: I wonder if these guys are actually talking to clients!
9:15 am: Where is this guy(project partner)? I need a chai company :(
Chai Time 10.30 am: Ummm..May be he is right, I hardly see a stricking girl around..
10.50 am: Okay, I just mailed the honeywell friend and the friend in hyderabad.. Now what?
11.15 am: Internal communicator rocks! I mean, lunch ka plan kaise hoga phir?
Lunch 12.30 pm: Grrr.... This fellow is consistently 15 minutes late.. Kya hoga iska??!
At the Queue 12.45 pm: Chicken? Naah, I am dieting! Health Menu? No taste! North Indian Thali? Too much! Okay, Paratha and Dahi :)
1.00 pm: 9XM, Aunties and Ducks.... Uff... Aur kuch?
2.00 pm: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Chai Time 4.00 pm: Is there a 24/7 pantry also?
5.45 pm: Bus pakadna hai.. woh bhi akele! Grrr...
7.30 pm: Home Sweet Home :) hmm.. dinner mein kya hoga.. Hunger engulfing me! :P
9.00 pm: Mumbai mein aisa gym kholungi (or may be here only.. along with Aps! :P)... with TV, music and trainers! you know - trainers ;)
Dinner 10.00 pm: Gosh I will miss this food :) Yumm! Thanks Aunty...
Bed time 11.00 pm: Just sent a Gnite msg to my friend.. hmmm... Nice, chill life - aint it.. :) Will miss it though when I get back.. I really dunno what the future holds but these memories will keep me near, in silent whispers and in silent moments... Its worth it all... :) anyway chalo so jaate hai, have to wake up at 6.00 am tomorrow! Gnite! :)


Aparna said...

lovely post babes.. :) hugs!

GJ said...

Innovative :)
It covered all ;ur 2 months from travel food to ducks (read Aunties) and the trainer:).
"How we spent our day is of course how we spent our life."
As i always say I am whom I met and where I have been, every thing/one changes you; gives u a new perception. Memories should be cherished nothing is so ineffectual that u shd forget abt it, it makes u YOU.
and Hugs frog Jags;Laks aur kya :)

V.S. Shailesh said...

You forgot about you painting Ganesh and Ram and trying to get Moonbeam to like you :P

The post made me think of a timeline for my day and I found what an awesome time I had there !

And yeah.. some of the mail chains were the best things of those working days.. thanks :)

Keep writing, keep shining..

Fun with Boredom said...

wat bout butter cookies !!!