Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Alice in Wonderland

Yes – since childhood. This is one book which fascinates me perpetually; One of my all-time favorite classics. The nerve here is not the fairy tale, but the underlying connotation or denotation or whatever you adults would like to call it. Alice has a timeless appeal, fantastic story and quirky events.

Almost all of us have experienced events right from falling into the strange never ending dark rabbit hole till landing in the Queen’s croquet ground. Ah! I still remember - “Off with their heads!!” In fact the story seems even more surreal nowadays, because we moderns don’t always spot the allusions. For most of us, it can hardly be a story which rambles from incident to incident with very little clear plot. The characters – every page has a new and even more fantastic creature emerging. The humor - the plot is laden with puns. The protagonist – remarkable dreamlike quality. These entire things put together are nothing but a fantasy tale which portrays what kind of life we should be living. The characters – keep making new and even more fantastic friends/relationships. The humor – live with a marvelous slapstick. The protagonist – it is you who can get the story going the way you want it to. Of course, it is a wonderland! :)

For all those who find my posts cryptic or puzzling, I am quoting Humpty Dumpty’s theory of language which he had quoted to Alice – "When I use a word, it means what I choose it to mean, neither more nor less…"


Aparna said...

Know what, I have never read the book or seen the movie! :P
your post inspires me to see so..
About your PS, Atta girl! :)

Ashwin said...

In my 7th std., I had a chapter from ALice in wonderland (The mad tea party) as a lesson in my english literature.
I was half asleep in the class, as usual. The teacher asked me to explain a line in the chapter - it was about the Dormouse - "it sleeps when it breathes, and breathes when it sleeps"- I was supposed to interpret it and ans her that - it meant the Dormouse always slept. But since I was awaken from my day dreaming, it took my a few seconds of confusion to tell the same. I eventually did and escaped scolding and saved my image of being a studious....... Later I realized somethn even better, that I am a Dormouse in every lecture, I contd to be so thru'out school, coll n spjain.. wit xception of f course math classes. Other resemblences to the Lewis carol novel cud be the one "The Matrix" chose to pick - rite, followin the white rabit, we invariably land up in deep trouble/ excitement as u take it, ven u go on a wild goose chase :-)