Sunday, April 17, 2011

Living on a possibility

Dear Mind,

I appreciate the fact that you have always been around for me, to talk to. And you have been my good old companion for the past 24 years. I admire you and I cannot live without you but yes, there are certain snags that you possess and you must know how I feel about those. You must know that only “Seeing is Believing” and you live in an imaginary paradise.

I know you can think faster than a 1640 GHz processor (if at all that is invented sometime just about). And yet, you suck at decision making. No ‘if clause’ or ‘conditional formatting’ can help you. I know you can create in seconds what an engineer or an architect might take decades to. And, yet you fail to create solutions to situations. You might have unlimited terabytes of storage capacity but that does not necessarily mean you do not need to clear and defragment your memory. Oh wait! You just cannot filter and delete. You cannot forget what I want you to forget and move on. I should play the movie “The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” for you – again! You are powerful and yet afraid of risks. You don’t take chances and you don’t let me either.

And it doesn’t end here. I want to know how I can be in charge of you without letting you hopelessly follow your choice, the circumstances. I want you to understand that hope is a good thing but not the only thing. It can keep you moving or it can get you devastated. I want to take control but you have to let me and I will show you how decisions are taken; dire memories erased and chips arranged. I will teach you to take that extra leap because you should know; you cannot live on a possibility.

Love you! Take care!