Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The End

A coffee shop by the beach. The clouds are grey, the temperature is cold and the breeze is salty. Meera has been waiting for the past 38 minutes.

Kunal: Hey Meera! Finally. Long time!

Meera: Hey Kunal.. how are you? Nice to see you..

Kunal: Pretty good!! I know! After 3 long years.. Well, a lot has been on.. My business is cashing in... Purchased a flat in Vile Parle, east… bought a brand new car, without a loan… life has never been so good before! You tell me.. whats up?

Meera: Hehe! Nice! Very nice.. My life is going on.. Same old.. IT and all that jazz… but yes – I am off my education loan finally..

Kunal: So how come this part of the country all of a sudden? I was surprised you called me this morning. And I am actually heading for a meeting now and then I will be meeting my friends for dinner tonight.. Will you be around?

Meera: oh yes, you know I had to return couple of your things.. so.. just came over.. and I am so sorry, I can't join you tonight.. I will be leaving this evening..

Kunal: What is it? You flew all the way to return this?? Unbelievable!

Meera: Don’t open it now. You can see it later. May be later tonight. Nothing important. Shall we ask for the bill?

Kunal: Sure! Seriously, It was so nice seeing you man.. after a long long time!

Meera: Same here..

Later that night when Kunal accidently remembered about the box, he opened it. He could not believe that she flew all the way, across the country, spending thousands, just to return some of his old stuff that he may not even need anymore. Ridiculous – he thought!

As he opened, the box had a gift and a note that said, ‘Congratulations! You made it J

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