Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Real steel did steal!

Strangely enough for a girl, I find robots very fascinating. Very fascinating. Their size, appearance and the radiance – sheer brilliance! However, when I got out of the theatre, it was not the massive robots or the fine-looking Hugh Jackman who stayed back but this child artist, Dakota Goyo, who stuck on to my head. Frankly, I wouldn’t be completely wrong if I said that this boy was the heart and soul of the movie. For once, Dakota’s performance changed my perception – that children are almost always annoying.

The boy has given his best shot in his every scene - where the kid is as stubborn as his father or where he makes “the bad dad” realize how awful he was. I mean, the very statement “You sold me for $50,000?” is hilarious and heinous! Not to mention the robot dance prior to each fight, I really wanted to stand up and applaud in the theater. The boy has stolen my heart! There are a lot of things that he subtly portrayed in his character for us to take home – fearlessness, persistence, love, composition and honesty. Evangeline and Hugh were good too. Their love-hate relationship was something that each one of us can relate to. There were many other fillers and “whatshisname” characters in the movie but it didn’t really matter to me because all of them were centered on the Hugh and Dakota’s father-son duo.

Since a lot of you might not have watched the movie yet, I am just going to zip up and tell you that the movie has everything to offer – relationship, drama, gadgets, robots, and fights, well everything, except sex – definitely worth a watch on the big screen.

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