Thursday, December 3, 2009

Things not to do when you are sick and zonked

1. Come up with one liners
(You are very likely to come up with something like “Life is like a question paper without questions”)

2. Call your folks and tell them you are ill
(They are going to return calls for the next 2 days, every 5 minutes asking if you have recovered!)

3. Try taking a walk to get some fresh air
(Falling, stumbling, toppling, rolling, tripping, and slipping… everything… every freaking thing happens!)

4. Call for groceries
(They get you “Boondi Raita” when you ask for “Bournvita”)

5. Take an off from work and sleep
(The brain is hyper active when kept on a pillow – to-do lists, agendas, outlook calendar, excel sheets, history, chemistry, apocalypse – everything pops up invariably)

6. Cook
(Half burnt food is okay – but half burnt kitchen? NOT OKAY!)

7. Visit any random unknown doctor
(The time you take to explain you, your medical history and current symptoms multiplied by the time he takes to comprehend, equals the time taken to fall sick and get over it 12 times untreated)

8. Write a blog post
(yeah.. well..!)


Jags said...

awesome ;)
didnt agree with the last point though.

Ramya said...

Awesome :)
Booni raita instead of Bournvita...this really happened???

Sonaal said...

like the random doc part :P

Amavis said...

also to add...
dont order for coldarin..they get cold drink.. :-P
(psst: this happened with my aunt... )

And get well soon :-P

Jas A Minute... said...

bournvita and boondi raita! wow.. laks that happened.. and i agree with u on the take a walk for some fresh air.. been there.. and done that..!! the toppler effect doesnt come from nothing!

Nonsense of a confused consultant said...

Guys, I jus happened to check the time of the posts and the comments that followed..

I guess everyone is becoming "nocturnal".. B-school effect hasn't died down yet.. :P

@Laks, gr88 post babes, hope you've recovered after all the tripping, slipping, stumbling and Boondi Raita incidents.. :)

Piyush Aryan said...

LOL!! nice post!!