Monday, November 16, 2009

A companion

I dedicate this piece of my writing to one of my closest friends back in S.P.Jain (others being my room mate J and a handful more).

She just lived a couple of rooms away from mine. She was a south Indian. She loved eating. She was a keen gymnast and a diet chaser (that is how we bonded). She adored trying out fashion and hair styles. She was always ready for a trip. She could pamper and withhold me. She was there when no one was. She was a companion.

I still remember the first time we met – she being from Vizag was enquiring me about Mumbai. Today, I am sure she loves Mumbai more than any city in the country (thanks to me! :P). I remember the times we vanished from hostel to escape the curfew, head to party and return the next morning unheard of by the guard. I remember how we would not eat the mess food and hog salads and veggies (and subway of course) to lose weightJ. I remember how I got her experience the first rain by marine lines. I cherish the times when we were the last ones to sleep and last ones to wake up and wonder,
[“hey good morning, what do we do for breakfast?”
“bitch its 2.30 in the afternoon – good afternoon!”
“ok – lunch”
“veg grilled sandwich w/o cheese and cutting chai?”
“done – I am ordering from vrindavan”
“alright – listen gym at 4pm today instead of 5pm?”
“I have to finish this assignment”
“when is the deadline”
“uh – yesterday :P”
“lol.. gym at 5pm it is!”], while the entire hostel is back in college attending classes. I love the way we reached examinations hall 15 minutes late and yet leave way before the end time.

I realized how important it is to have someone close by your side once she was gone (oh god! I sound like a lesbian! :P) I still call her up when I have a bad day, when I feel alone or when I overeat J

P.S: This post was due since your birthday – finally got the time - I love you, Prathi!



Saurabh said...

the bonding because of "gymnast and a diet chaser" ..thats the secret of your fitness :D :D . Prathibha was certainly a gymnast remember her winning d race

Shubham said...

For the first time in 2.5 yrs, i am having serious doubts on Lakshmi's orientation. "
@Prati: please watch out, coz m sure abt urs...
...once she was gone..."..ROTFL....

Roopak Nair said...

WOW! This was some post!!