Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Opinion that mattered

I was asked to grow up. Yes, I was. And so shall it be. I will grow up.

But before that, I wanted to detain this experience and could not find a better place to do that than my age old rusted blog. So, this is about these perpetual arguments I keep having with this guy on the superiority of our respective cities. I don’t want to name the cities (no MNS to attack me, you see) but any one who is familiar with me WILL know what I am talking about.

Hence, we keep playing all our cards – weather, food, people, ocean, traffic, roads & infrastructure, night life, places to see and many other trump cards as well – so much so that once I ended up googling religiously whether iPhone 3G was released first in mine or his city. What came as a surprise is my addiction and arguments (which I have always won no matter what) seemed like a lame comeback most of the times. I do not want to accept that the wittiness on the other side was a little higher than me. Well, if you ask me why have the debate in the first place, I have no answer. It could be lack of anything to do, shortage of friends or just for entertainment – but yes, I firmly vouch for my city (and so does he)! As time moved, I realized that these arguments were not only futile but they were merely fact based judgments tuned to suit your case in point. To yield without conviction is no compliment to the understanding of either.

Any city you live in just grows into you over a period of time and the attachment to the city and its people take root to what you call ‘patterns’. For me, when I feel the sea breeze on my face, the rhythm of the ocean and a book to read in the vantage point from where you can best take in the gold-stranded skyline, I finally exhale. So, when my city calls back, there is a fair chance that I miss the current city (and its people) equally. I don’t know. May be this is called ‘growing up’. But nevertheless, I am going to be the same prejudiced feminist city addict because that’s what connects me to this guy, this friend who also owns it himself without disguise.


Prathibha said...

Duh!!... We r NOT YET OLD... and thus in perspective there only ONE city which caters to ALL NEEDS :P... and thats the one u love (we love)... well I do agree cities feel diff when perspective changes.. lets care of that after we're OLD :)

Lakshmi said...

@Praty, I am going to print out this comment and keep it!! :)

Jags said...

"I always believed it was the things you don't choose that makes you who you are. Your city, your neighborhood, your family."
So these thing just happen to you and change your perspective.

Saurabh said...

kimujhe kuchh samajhh nahi aaya , SDB1 aa discuss karte hai ise

Life Mysterious said...

This post makes you ponder! Nice.
To a great extent, I agree with your perspective. May be because we have grown up in the city which makes us so. Keep writing! I even liked your post titled 'Thank You'.