Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Nothingness

Six long weeks since college got over. I have joined this mid tier IT services company with a good role – predominantly good because I liked and wanted it. Today 13th of May, morning 11.05am I sit in front of my workstation gazing through few photographs and few comments left on a popular social networking site by my ex-batch mates. Not to say that I miss them (which obviously I do) but to say that the drift was way too tangential.

I still remember the last week in college. I was jobless (literally :P) and had all the time in the world to browse, chat, eat delicacies, meet friends and attend parties thrown by all those who were parting the campus. Of course I panicked that I would be the one left alone in the end with everyone leaving one by one. But as the handbook to higher consciousness goes, “to be upset over what you don't have is to waste what you do have”. I learnt this from a friend of mine who taught me to see the silver lining of every dark cloud and to take pleasure in the moment in your hand right now not looking out for Himalayan expectations. All of this and more made me change my outlook, smile and never look back again.

So, of all the things that happened in the past two years (or my past as a whole) I miss the last two weeks before I left Mumbai the most. Like the majority, the new city is not welcoming, the office is not the class room and the lunches, tea breaks and parties are not something to look forward to anymore. Change is not something which I akin to now. But I think somewhere this friend also got this into my head that to be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.

To all, Have a great and ever-changing life ahead!


Prathibha said...

Started reading the post like this :(... and finished like this :)... with sigh!! I do MISS college...

Jags said...

Nice post, the same feeling is shared by me but i cannot express the way you did, thats why i still Comment rather then writing a blog.
True; Change is the only constant, what you need to do is not to challenge the change, but to live learn and enjoy while its happening. College life and specially the last few days will remain there in our heart as sweet memories ALWAYS.

Patanjali said...

Nostalgia makes you think of wonderful things, does it not? Lazy afternoons, complaints over the work load. As important and imperative they sounded then (and perhaps immature on second thought) now are revered.
Glorious times!


Saurabh said...

Kya bakwaas hai , kal se tere sath breakfast pe jana band :)

Pune is the most welcoming place(think Chennai)
ur midsize company is fastest grwoing among its peers with 36% growth.

you are lucky to work with some of the most intelligent people of your batch.

You dont like all this just because you can't waste productive time you used to do before , shame on you :P

Saurabh said...

and yes change the title to "Everything ness"

Lakshmi said...

@ Prathi, thanks
@ Jags, We ll start a joint venture blog if you want.. I shall ghost write for you :P
@ Patanjali, very rightly said :)
@ Saurabh, I know you are very proud of Pune and our company :P It shows and It flows :D

Aparna said...

Nice post! Wonder who this anonymous friend was..
Keep writing!
Take care..

Fun with Boredom said...

@ Saurabh
Amazing comments

@ Aparna
the anonymous friend is not you (no offense at all)

Vikash said...

"the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring" thats the best part ... Laks.. U r the best ..

Shubham said...

Awesomely written...

Shukla in his full form..loved ur comment dude...very rightly said..and yes i agree with u, Pune is one of the best cities..I had one of the most happening days of my life in just 5months in Pune, its the best.

Keep writing!!