Thursday, May 20, 2010

Age of desire and more...

I am in a permanently ever-lasting lazy mood for 2 weeks running. The transit period is supposed to be for contemplation, relaxation and reasoning. But all I have been doing is biting everyone’s head off, eating like a couch potato competitor, sleeping eighteen hours a day and generally behaving like a cranky old hag.

So I have decided to take a look back and set stage for the new beginning (obviously of course I will have to add - learning from the previous!)

1. General knowledge is a tool to appear more intelligent than the other person in a conversation.

2. I know and I am going to accept that fact that I am not going to be rich and famous (or poor and infamous).

3. Traffic cops scare me. When I pass them, my life flashes before my eyes.

4. I have enough to contend with in life than putting up with the likes of IPL, south beach diet and Shahid Kapoor.

5. My Hindi is fucked up and will remain so (considering I am moving further down south).

6. I have been proved against end of world theories and global warming.

7. Save money: Economies have a new name “debt-theme-park” and all the rides here are nosedive hedges and bear crashes.

8. Cashew nuts are fattening is a myth, nicotine and caffeine burns calories is a delusion; cheese is unhealthy is a lie.

9. I suck in time management, crisis management, task management and self management. I hate management.

10. Reduce the average number of times per day phone calls to parents. It only gets them more confused.

11. I prefer living virtually on social media rather than for real.

12. It is always better to drive route Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai (Volvo buses makes you nauseated and they play monopoly!) .

13. Work allocated can be done in several ways – one of them is shouting.

14. I am no good with hosting new people – especially foreigners.

15. I am in my early twenties (no strings attached). I have taken decisions by not thinking, not planning and not caring.

16. Quitting my mostly amazing, income generating, and supremely rewarding job and moving out of a well settled friendly comfort zone might just make me happier.

17. I cannot write. I need an editor.


Fun with Boredom said...


All you need is some beer and more beer and much more of beer and Sleep..

Suru Pari said...

Babes... you're surely gonna be much much happier. And one hell of a contemplation that was.

Prathibha said...

Dudette this one rocks !!... LOL... though u strated cribbing in the end.. but wht d hell it still rocks :D kudos