Friday, December 17, 2010

Statutory warning: I am in a very bad mood

Well, I am just not in the mood for emotional blogging/bragging or probably talking about my life’s step ups, step downs and all that jazz!

Oh yes. Also, not on the happy Christmas or New Year hang overs.

Read on. Enjoy.

I hate cryptic facebook statuses. I think it is just an attention seeking publicity stunt.

I like feeling depressed at times. It is better than feeling nothing. Which I also feel a lot of.

My greatest fear on the earth is balding and hair loss.

I think I am a genius. Not everyone agrees.

I cannot face the world with a pimple.

Economy is going nowhere. Bulls and bears are just fetish to talk about.

I am scared of ghosts more than real criminals.

I hate kids. I cannot tolerate their scent, noise or whining.

I don’t like people with opinions. They confuse the shit out of me.

I am so full of myself. I don’t care about the world at large.

I detest calling restaurants for home delivery simply because they ask me my name and the conversation will stretch for more than five minutes spelling out my full name.

I have realised that over thinking sucks.

I prefer women to men. Not in a sexual way though.

I am actually very happy. I just like cribbing.

If you think this post is just crap, So do I.


Anonymous said...

lol, insane and strange and utterly u and utterly perfect!

u may be in a bad mood but this made me grin :D

you're mad, bonkers, off your head. But .. All the best people are.

:-) <3

Sandeep D. said...

that's Laks(TM)!! :) :) random!!

TheGreatOne said...

#Epic #arbitrariness

Ruchi said...

Hmmm... a lot of this makes sense to me actually..